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Digit Span Cards

Digit Span Cards

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Digit Span Decks have 125 unique sequences on individual cards. These cards are recommended to be used for two-minute auditory and two-minute visual brain games. Intense auditory and visual games played twice a day achieve remarkable results in function. Increasing the individual’s short term auditory and visual memory is the goal. Order the Digit Deck that is one level above the individual’s visual processing as determined by the free test kit i.e. the test showed visual digit spans of 6 so you order 7s. All cards in the 7s’ deck will have series of 7 random numbers on them. Instructions are included for both auditory and visual brain games.

The A and B decks are 125 cards each with different sequences of numbers. We offer a second deck for those that are on one level for an extended period of time and need an alternate deck so that the individual does not memorize the number sequences.

FREE OFFER: Auditory and Visual Test Kits for ages 2 and up. These kits will help you know where your family members are on these important skills. The kits will also give you instructions to help increase these skills using Digit Span Decks.

Importance of Auditory Processing

Increasing auditory processing (short term memory) enhances ones’ ability to:

  • stay on task
  • follow directions
  • comprehend what is read and said
  • follow conversations
  • think conceptually (understanding the big picture and cause and effect)
  • use the phonics approach to reading

Unfortunately, with today's emphasis on only developing visual abilities; we are finding more and more people having difficulty in retaining information due to their lack of auditory processing practice! Auditory processing also has a direct correlation to the symptoms on the ADD/ADHD checklist.

What you can't hold in short term memory; cannot be stored in long-term memory, so the digit spans are a wonderful exercise for the whole family! With improved memory; learning becomes easier! 

This small investment can turn your family’s ability in academics into smiles and enables greater confidence and overall success!

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