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Phonics Flash Cards

Phonics Flash Cards

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These phonics flash cards are a wonderful tool! There are 70 phonograms in all. Each card has the phonogram printed neatly on the front with the sound(s) pertaining to that particular phonogram printed on the back. A word example is given for each sound, as well. Follow the instructions that are included. By using the Neurodevelopmental Approach to teaching, your child will soon know all his phonograms with just two 2-minute sessions per day! We recommend phonics when a child's visual and auditory processing ability has developed and is commensurate with the age of 5 – 6. If your child cannot hold 5 pieces of information together, a phonics approach to reading will not be effective. However if they're up to a 5 digit span, working on 6 (see Digit Spans on pg. 17); these books will be of great value in moving them into more effective reading, speaking and communicating. Includes a word practice book of phonograms, flash cards, and a book of review word lists to keep previous skills sharp. Phonogram cards give sounds of a phonogram good companion to writing road to reading.

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