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First Steps Reader

First Steps Reader

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This book, used in conjunction with the "First Steps Flash Cards" will result in a confident and eager reader! The Pathway Reader Series was designed by an Amish farming community for use in their educational programs. These basal readers are refreshingly wholesome. In these books children are expected to obey their parents, respect their teachers, ask forgiveness when they do what is wrong, and humbly submit to the discipline of those in authority! Because the Amish don't use electricity, you won't find stories dealing with the latest in videos, computers or TVs. Instead the stories are centered around large families living on the farm and their interaction with each other, their animals and their neighbors. With simple typesetting and a few black-and-white sketches, these hardback books are lovely in their simplicity.

User Testimony: I have a praise report. Upon receiving the First Steps Book and Flash CD yesterday, I started it right away with Nathan who was in the ND program last year. This morning we went through it again and this afternoon, I asked him to read the first 2 pages with me. As I pointed to the words,he began reading! I was shocked and at the same time filled with so much gratitude for this leap...indeed, little giant steps! Our God is so good, and we are thankful for Jan Bedell and LGS for sharing such resource with us. The Lord bless your ministry! Thankful, Pam and family

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