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Early Learning Foundations Level 2

Early Learning Foundations Level 2

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Early Learning Foundations does include key math skills, but one of the main goals of the program is neuro (brain) development. Strong pathways in the brain can mean the difference between a skillful or struggling learner. These vital pathways can be thought of as highly developed highways moving information from the brain to the body.


“Neuro-pathways” are essential for success in school and life!

With strong "neuro-highways", children can:

·        Follow directions

·        Stay on task Organize thoughts 

·        Retain information 

·        Develop fine and gross motor skills 

·        Use phonics 

·        Really enjoy learning!

Early Learning Foundations (ELF) actually prepares the brain for academics and teaches basic math concepts to early learners with a multi-sensory  method. ELF 2 picks up where ELF 1 left off; so if your student already  knows how to write numbers, knows basic shapes, and understands  one-to-one relationships, then you can begin with Level 2. Otherwise, you  may want to look at Level 1 for a firm foundation in math concepts. 

ELF is also highly effective for those with learning challenges or developmental delays.

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This kit includes:

  • 1 Early Learning Foundations Level 2 Teacher's Manual
  • 1 Early Learning Foundations Level 2 Student Activitiy Book
  • 1 Rapid Recall Double Book Addition Student Activity Book
  • All other materials needed to implement the Early Learning Foundations Program and Rapid Recall Double Book Addition.

What makes the Early Learning Foundations unique?

     It includes: 

Neurodevelpomental activities for the eyes, vestibular system, and lower level brain organization.

Development of fine motor skills

Auditory short term memory activities

Visual short term memory activities

Advanced pattern recognition

Visual discrimination

Coordination training

Scope and Sequence:

Understanding the operation of addition and subtraction

Mastery of addition math facts

Identification of larger/smaller number

Understanding the order of the days of the week

Improved auditory and visual processing

Telling time to the nearest half-hour

Ability to start at a given number and count

Mastery of skip counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s

Critical thinking about number relationships

Counting backward from 20

Ordinal number proficiency (counting and application)

Introduction to measurement

Ability to read number words “zero” to “twenty”

Descending order of random numbers to 100

Understanding of concepts: shortest/longest, tallest/shortest, heavier/lighter, bigger/smaller

Mastery of reading numbers to 1,000

Multiple meanings of mathematical signs

Coins – value, counting

Number word use

Exploration of three dimensional shapes

Math story problems

And so much more!

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Let us help you discover all the ways our brain training and building principles can help with learning labels like Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory integration, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and more.

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