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Early Learning Foundations Level 1

Early Learning Foundations Level 1

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Early Learning Foundations does include key math skills, but one of the main goals of the program is neuro (brain) development. Strong pathways in the brain can mean the difference between a skillful or struggling learner. These vital pathways can be thought of as highly developed highways moving information from the brain to the body.  It is called the Neuro-educational Approach. 

These “neuro-highways”, or pathways, are essential for success in school and life!

With strong ‘‘neuro-highways’’, children can:

Follow directions
Stay on task
Organize thoughts
Retain information
Develop fine and gross motor skills Utilize phonics
Really enjoy learning!

Early Learning Foundations (ELF) is so much more than a math curriculum.  Level one will not only expose students to math skills they will use the rest  of their lives, but it introduces pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Also  included are activities to develop advanced auditory and visual short-term  memory. These activities along with the physical activities in ELF, will create ‘‘neuro-highways’’ in your students’ brain for lifelong academic success. 
The program is based on three main keys to success with The Neuro- educational Approach: Intensity (strength of information coming into the brain); Frequency (how many sessions per day ); and Duration (amount  of time spent during each session and over a period of time). It's fun; it's  fast and it's a gift of brain organization and skills that will last! 

Start your 3 to 4 year old on the road to success with this multi-sensory curriculum for early learners. This program is also highly effective for children with learning difficulties or delays. Don't worry about learning a new curriculum. Detailed instruction both written and video are provided via a web-based training site to teach you to take advantage of the program's fullest potential!   

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Included in ELF 1:
ELF 1 Student Book
ELF 1 Teacher's Guide
Flash cards specific to ELF 1 including Digit Span Cards level 4
Counting CD Download
Linking Cubes

Integrated throughout this program are the following concepts:

* 1 to 1 Correspondence

* Number Recognition (1-100)

* Identifying Number Words (zero to twenty)

* Recognition of sequential patterns

* More and Less

* Rote Counting (1-100)

* Identifying 11 Basic Shapes

* Number Tracing / Number Writing

* Auditory and Visual Processing

* Lower Level Brain Organization

* Introduction to Story Problems

* Fine Motor Development

* Pre-writing and Reading Skills

* Visual Discrimination

* Higher Level Thinking Skills

* Counting Backward

* Addition and Subtraction Readiness Through Finger Math and Picture Math

Here's a couple of notes we have received ~ From some very satisfied customers:

"I ordered Early Learning Foundations for my "just turned" 4 year old. This is the most incredible curriculum I've ever had!! It almost makes me have "momma guilt" for not having it for my two older children. I also ordered ABC's in a Flash and look forward to using it. K. S. in Spring, TX 

"My three year old really enjoys working on the activities. One day I got some other activity books out that I had bought at the department store; my little guy said, "No mommy, I want my big school book (meaning the Early Learning Foundations notebook)". K. C. in Katy, TX


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