Visual Discrimination Game - Select Level 1 - 10

$ 8.99

The Visual Discrimination Games were created to assist in developing and/or improving the following skills: Visual Discrimination: The ability to notice small differences between information that is being presented visually. Attention to Detail: The ability to notice and retain details visually. Scanning: Looking up and down and back and forth, and transferring information from near to far point. Visual Attention: Staying on task visually.

Contents: Each level comes with three sets* of visual discrimination cards, with each set consisting of 12 large cards and 12 small cards creating a fast pace game.

*Levels 6, 9, and 10 have 4 sets each.

Each new level builds on mastering more complex skills in discrimination!

Levels 1 - 3 contain numerals

Levels 4 - 6 contain similar words

Level 7 contain objects

Levels 8 - 10 contain different symbols

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