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In 1992, Jan started a journey that transitioned her from a former school teacher, to a desperate home school mom of a struggling learner into a master neurodevelopmentalist. She witnessed her daughter with a 40 IQ learn how to read and do math on a 4th and 5th grade level!  She knew this was her calling to bring hope and healing to those parents experiencing learning struggles within their home.  You see, regardless of age, IQ, or label, brain training can change ability and function!

With her new knowledge of how to optimize brain function, coupled with her previous experience as a public, private and home school teacher, she understood there was more to education than just technique and curriculum. She found hope for her daughter through The Neurodevelopmental Approach that ensures the brain is ready for learning and has been sharing the good news with all who would listen for over two decades. Today, Jan’s passion is teaching parents how to stimulate young brains earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels. That work has been life-changing for all those who have applied her brain building principals, making life and learning easier for thousands.

If you are anything like Jan, you want more than encouragement.  You want answers, direction and a clear path for results for your child no matter what the extent of his/her challenges. Hear and read stories of struggles to victory and how your role as parents is key to your child’s success.  Don’t give into the fear of limitation that often comes with a label. Come build your awareness of God’s faithfulness in every area of life at Little Giant Steps 


The Neurodevelopmental Approach to academics takes the stress out of academic performance (output) by providing lots of information (input).  Have you ever noticed that when you go to check on a child 10-15 minutes after sending him off to do his math, that he is staring off into space or doodling on his paper? The intensity in this situation is GONE! It takes intensity to get the brain to recognize the importance of information and store it permanently. Here's a couple of tips to help you!  

Tip #1: Do not send your child into another room to do an entire page of math on his own! Those pages may contain concepts that may not be permanently stored in her brain. The struggle to remember information that has not been visited often enough, and that in kind kills the motivation and enjoyment of learning! Take the stress, frustration (your and his/hers) and tears out of your child's math sessions by spending just 10 to 15 minutes on math, twice a day, but the difference is, you do it with them! Just think about it, you have spent that much time in the past just trying to get her back on track, right? Instead of coaxing her to do something she is not ready for, do every other problem for her while she watches. When there is a new concept, you will do three problems, and then the child will do one similar problem. Repeat this, doing three then she does one for all the problems representing this new concept. Once the child understands a concept, you can gradually work back to doing one problem and then the child does one similar problem. On all previously learned concepts you share the assignment 50/50. Math gets done quicklywith great input, input, input! Math struggles are then a thing of the past. 

Tip #2: There is a big difference between understanding math operations and the rote memory of math facts. Understanding math operations is comprehending what is happening with "I add. I am putting objects together"; "oh some go away when "I subtract"; "multiplying means groups with the same number of things" and "division is dividing things up into in equal groups". Children that really know their math facts enjoy math more instead of relying on time consuming process of counting in the air or on their fingers. These children can zip through math computation pages with ease and those pesky word problems are easier, too. They experience fulfillment of correct answers instead of red circles on their page indicating wrong answers that have to be revisited. Blah!                                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Were you aware that for every wrong answer a student gives, he must have twenty-one (21) more exposures to the right answer (input) in order to solidify the correct answer and release the wrong one? Wow! You sure don't want him to miss one! Therefore you must input,input,input to get the output you are looking for!                                                                                                                          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Consider doing the FREE Math Facts Proficiency Assessment provided by Little Giant Steps, to find your child's current math facts proficiency level. Give the assessments as described in the instructions; submit the results and receive a graph of your child's results compared to the suggested proficiency for that age. Also receive recommendations on how to avoid wrong answers and make math easier for your child. You can find the free assessment at 

 A teacher commented about Little Giant Steps programs:

 "After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use-and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!"- Tanda Trussell,  West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas

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Welcome to our new, improved store and store blog. We know change can be difficult, but we knew we must give our clients and customers the best. So we took the steps to upgrade and make sure everyone had the best and most secure ability to shop online. You deserve to  discover how it is possible to change a child, teen or an adult's learning experience from one of struggle to one of knowing and having their full God-given potential available to grow and explore their world, their gifts, and know the love of learning. So, whether you are a client, past client, newbie, or just checking Little Giant Steps out, create a new account and open a new doorway to success in learning, academic achievement, and confidence-building knowledge!


Little Giant Steps (LGS) is a Christian-based, a neuro-educational / developmental consulting group who welcomes all to the world of possibilities for those who struggle with learning. It doesn't matter how old you are, whether you are gifted, typical, or challenged; Little Giant Steps has helped individuals overcome their unique learning difficulties through brain training. We know, after twenty years of serving our clients that it is a matter of development when it comes to fixing learning issues. We provide screenings, consultations, evaluations, seminars to help educate every parent on how they can help their child become successful in mastery of math, reading and writing. Whether you are a child, teen or adult, it's never too late to utilize the programs that can be individualized, or broad-based in-home programs that Little Giant Steps has designed, created and produced after years of scientific-proven effectiveness. Through specific brain-stimulating techniques new connections (neuro-pathways), improved lower level brain organization, and processing both visually and auditory are brought up to appropriate grade-level function. We operate with only natural means of working with the source of the root cause in the brain by changing (improving) function. We use the God-given neuro-plasticity feature, which allows our brain to change in positive ways, to create better communication between the brain and body, and unlocks the key to everyone's highest learning potential.


As one client explained, "After a few weeks of doing my program activities (cognitive and physical), I experienced in my abilities as if I'd gone from a dial-up internet connection to a high-speed line. I could think better, I wasn't confused, because I could remember, or know and understand the material or information that I was reading, hearing or seeing - I was "getting it"!  I'm not frustrated all the time like I used to be, or making mistakes all the time - that's not me any more. I can try and succeed. My confidence in what I now know I can do is at an all-time high. I've never felt so "free" to do things I thought I'd never do.  Even my sports skills have improved! Thank you, Little Giant Steps - I now know I can set goals and achieve them, and for the first time I believe I can achieve my dreams."

Individuals who have been on the programs, or used our curriculum, educational supplements, processing tools, or many of the neuro-educational tools and aids, have one thing in common. They gain better functional abilities, because even our math and reading programs are constructed to build new connections in the brain by using all the senses. So they are multi-sensory rich and applied with key elements of frequency, intensity, and of short duration. We work in ways that result in life-long mastery of key educational skills, thinking, and enhanced efficiency within the brain and body. So, take advantage of our freebies such as Auditory and Visual Test Kits, Take the Survey (look for the sign with the question mark) on our homepage. Of course we always encourage you to read the articles. They are rich in knowledge, information about our modality, and don't miss out on all the videos, and auditory tracks to cover those issues in which you are most interest.