Visual Flash ..... Sequencing In A Flash ~ A computer program for visual processing.

$ 24.99

For many years LGS has sold Visual Flash Digit Cards. These flash cards are used to increase Visual Processing. You now have the option of purchasing this wonderful tool in computer form. Numbers are quickly flashed on the computer screen one at a time and then the student types in the numbers from memory. You can set up a profile for each family member, to fit each individual's current processing ability. Includes visual flash reverse and rapid flash activities.

Computer Requirements: Win: Windows 98/Me, NT 4.0/2000 or XP; Pentium 233 MHz processor; 64 MB RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom; 16-bit windows compatible sound card. Vista Mac: Mac OS 9.2 or later; PowerPc G3 233 MHz processor; 64 MB free RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom Drive Vista compatible

Not compatible with Mac Lion or newer.

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