Memory n Motion

$ 279.00

The past participants in our program said, "I don't have to stumble around trying to think of the words to express myself." "I'm not so forgetful." "I feel like my old self and I'm not worried about so many little things like I used to."

So regardless of age, stimulating the brain will always improve one's life. What does the program consist of: There are specific activities you do once or twice a day for a short period of time. Once that progress shows you are functioning at a "typical" level, then you will have created, repaired or developed the connections you need to experience a much better state of mind!

Our recommendation, once you finish the program, is to continue doing the activities one to five times a week to keep in top "neuro-shape". This type of program is all natural, there is no down side to helping your brain function and you will be creating improved communication between your brain and body. The by-products of committing to do this kind of program are increased short term memory ability, a better sense of balance, an expectation of doing things the way you would like to do them, and most importantly to feel calm and assured, experiencing the confidence in being the best you can be at any age! It can be a win-win life; and you deserve to be free to enjoy it all!