Jump Start Program

$ 450.00

The Jump Start 1 In-Home Brain Training Program is a four month program that has proven successful for individuals six years of age and younger presenting these issues:

  • Children who have been placed in foster care, adopted or traumatized
  • Children who have been labeled with:
    • Autism
    • Down Syndrome
    • PDD-NOS
    • Auditory Processing Disorder
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    • Sensory Processing Disorder
    • And many more…

Please see the table below which highlights the activity categories and benefits gained when working with the Jump Start Program:


 Activity Category


Gross Motor Activities


  • overall brain organization
  • correct sense of pain
  • appropriate behaviors
  • awareness of body in space
  • balance system
  • sensory system · 
  • muscle tone

Fine Motor Activities


  • strength in index finger and thumb
  • cortical opposition for future pencil grasp
  • handwriting and fine motor development
  • extensor muscles for improved hand strength

Tactile Activities



  • sense of pain perception
  • brain body connection
  • cortical opposition for future pencil grasp
  • sense of light touch 

Auditory Processing and Function



  • auditory short-term memory
  • attention span
  • ability to follow directions
  • preparation for phonics utilization
  • reading comprehension
  • maturity level

Visual Processing and Function


  • eye contact
  • eye convergence
  • eye tracking for better reading abilities
  • visual short term memory

Academic Techniques



  • pre and early math skills
  • pre and early reading skills
  • pre and early writing skills