FLIP N' FLOP NUMBERS ~ Multi-Sensory Numbering Game!

$ 9.95

Children will have so much fun learning place value with Flip Flop N' Numbers! There are a number of ways to play. The game includes blank pages in each place value so any number combination can be made from "0" to "9,999"!

When children have experience with place value and building larger numbers, they really understand what our number system is all about. Suddenly the numbers your children have been rote counting for years and working with in their math books make more sense.

How to play: 1. Parent makes a specific number by changing the pages in each place value slot and then reads the number to the child. Then, let the child have a turn changing the numbers and then the parent reads the number the child made. 2. Tell the child a number, then let him flip through the numbers until he makes the number you called out. 3. Child thinks of a number, then flips through the numbers until he makes the number he thought of in his mind. 4. Write down a number, then let him flip through until he makes the numbers match the number you wrote.

These games can be played as timed events, or just as fun self paced activities. Regardless, it can be fun for everyone! Remember the ND Approach includes: Intensity, Frequency, and Duration. So do this game often for short periods of time. Instructions included.

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