First Steps In a Flash

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First Steps in a Flash is divided into chapter sessions containing 8 to 13 words each.

During each session, words are displayed in random order and in different locations on the computer screen; thus increasing the intensity of the input, as well as the child's interest. Most of the chapters are preceded by a short story to be read by the parent.

The stories help to create interest in the material the child will be reading. T

here is also a "recall" game included on the CD. The recall game gives the child the opportunity to recall the information learned in a fun and encouraging way. Four choices are displayed on the computer screen; when the child clicks on the correct answer, there is immediate reinforcement (cheering/applause). If the child clicks an incorrect answer, the information is simply repeated until the child selects the correct answer.

After just a few short sessions of 2 minutes each, your child will be able to read the first chapter in the First Steps reader. Upon completion of First Steps In A Flash, your child will have learned approximately 120 sight words, most of which appear on the 200 most frequently used words list, as well as be able to read the First Steps reader in its entirety.

User Testimony: I have a praise report. Upon receiving the First Steps Book and Flash CD yesterday, I started it right away with Nathan who was in the ND program last year. This morning we went through it again and this afternoon, I asked him to read the first 2 pages with me. As I pointed to the words,he began reading! I was shocked and at the same time filled with so much gratitude for this leap...indeed, little giant steps! Our God is so good, and we are thankful for Jan Bedell and LGS for sharing such resource with us. The Lord bless your ministry! Thankful, Pam and family

Computer Requirements: Win: CD-Rom, 256 color at 640X480, sound Card, Speakers, 32MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, Pentium II or Celeron

Not compatible with Mac or Mac Lion.

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