Developmental Foundations - Deluxe - A first-step program toward easier learning abilities

$ 354.00


Why consider Developmental Foundations for you and your family? 

4 Min Audio Answer

Developmental Foundations includes activities that have proven to yield one or more years of academic progress in just 4 months! This exciting program uses brain stimulating activities for better function in:

Brain Organization
Auditory Short Term Memory
Visual Short Term Memory
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Word Recognition
Reading Comprehension
Math Computation
Math Facts Mastery
And much more!

Implementing Developmental Foundations in your home or school is a gift that will last a lifetime. Your kit contains: instructions, Neurodevelopmental tools, curriculum, and online training videos to prepare you and help guide you in the journey to better function.

Online Training & Progress Tracking
Instructional DVD
Neurodevelopmental DVD
Skip Counting CD
Rapid Recall System
Sequencing In A Flash Computer Program (not pictured)
2 Digit Span decks
Reading Level Test Book
Auditory Test Kit
Visual Test Kit
And other program activity tools…

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