Curricular Keyrings

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Curricular Keyrings comes in 4 different levels: Level A for beginning learners (Pre-K-K), Level B (Grades 1/2) and Level C (Grades 2/3).


Level A: 

Set 1 -5 Books of the New Testament

Language Arts
Set 1 Alphabet – Vowels & Consonants
Set 2 Punctuation Marks
Set 3 Parts of Speech
Set 4 Parts of a Book
Set 5 Spanish

Set 1 Math Symbols
Set 2 Measurement- Customary
Set 3 Money
Set 4 Time
Set 5 Skip Counting

Set 1 Five Senses
Set 2 States of Matter
Set 3 Simple Machines
Set 4 Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Set 5 Habitats

Level B:
Set 1-5 Books of the Old Testament

Language Arts
Set 1 Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
Set 2 Prepositions
Set 3 Proper Nouns
Set 4 Types of Literature
Set 5 French

Set 1 Ordinal Numbers
Set 2 Measurement – Metric
Set 3 3- Dimensional Shapes
Set 4 Place Value
Set 5 Roman Numerals

Word Families (long vowel sounds)
Set 1-ace family
Set 2-eed family
Set 3-ight family
Set 4-oat family
Set 5-ue family

Set 1 Animals with Backbones
Set 2 Animal Groups
Set 3 Types of Rocks
Set 4 The Water Cycle
Set 5 Science Tools

Level C:
Set 1-5 The Beatitudes

Language Arts
Set 1 The Writing Process
Set 2 Prefixes and Suffixes
Set 3 Reference Materials
Set 4 Words to be Capitalized
Set 5 German

Set 1 Types of Lines and Angles
Set 2 Measurement- Temperature
Set 3 Geometric Definitions
Set 4 Graph Definitions
Set 5 Mathematical Abbreviations

Social Studies
Set 1 Map Skills Vocabulary
Set 2 Continents
Set 3 Oceans
Set 4 World Rivers
Set 5 Large Islands

Fine Arts
Set 1 Art Works
Set 2 Famous Artists
Set 3 Sections of An Orchestra
Set 4 Famous Composers
Set 5 Famous Authors

Set 1 The Scientific Process
Set 2 Types of Scientists
Set 3 Food Web Definitions
Set 4 Types of Clouds
Set 5 Planets


Set 1 Systems of the Body
Set 2 Major Organs of the Body
Set 3 Major Bones of the Body
Set 4 Layers of the Earth
Set 5 Layers of the Atmosphere

This product emphasizes input of knowledge rather than constantly asking for output from students, which is inline with the Neurodevelopmental Approach; i.e. input, input, input!!! For the first week or two, parents read the information that is on the cards to the student. Then, approximately one to two weeks later, the parent begins to add additional information found in the accompanying teacher's guide. Students are "encouraged" to participate by sharing the knowledge they have learned during previous sessions, but are not "required" to do so.

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