Advanced Brain Training Level 1

$ 475.00

Advanced Brain Training Level 1 is the first step of a series of individualized in-home brain training programs Little Giant Steps offers as a solution for families who are unable to travel to one of our evaluation sites. This program offers online training for program activities designed specifically for the individual after the submission of a History Form and assessment information. All Advanced Brain Training programs provide four months of parent support and program monitoring.

 Please see the program overview below for the components of the Advanced Brain Training program system:

Activity Category


Gross Motor Activities


  • overall brain organization
  • correct sense of pain
  • appropriate behaviors
  • awareness of body in space
  • balance
  • sensory system
  • muscle tone
  • overall coordination

Fine Motor Activities


  • strengthen in index finger and thumb
  • cortical opposition for pencil grasp
  • handwriting and fine motor development
  • extensor muscles for improved hand strength

Tactile Activities


  • sense of pain perception
  • brain body connection
  • cortical opposition for pencil grasp
  • sense of light touch

Auditory Processing and Function


  • auditory short-term memory
  • attention span
  • ability to follow directions
  • improved phonics utilization
  • reading comprehension
  • listening comprehension
  • maturity level

Visual Processing Function


  • eye contact
  • eye convergence
  • eye tracking to facilitate reading speed and accuracy
  • visual short term memory

Academic Techniques


  • math skills
  • reading skills
  • writing skills