Visual Object Sequencing Cards

$ 9.95

Visual Object Sequence Cards form an activity to work on the important skill of visual short term memory (VSTM).  VSTM is a memory system that brings in visual information for a few seconds and then uses it for thinking tasks. The Visual Object Sequence activity, provided in this set, works to expand the child’s VSTM by short, fun, intense sessions of visual memory practice.  This important skill enhances the ability to tell the order of symbols and words which is essential to reading i.e. “on” vs “no”. 

There are 60 sets of cards (two of each object) with appealing, full color pictures of food, animal, toys and other common objects.  The activity can be used for young children who are 3-7 years old or children and adults with disabilities of any age.  Instructions are included for two levels of difficulty. 

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