Early Foundations ND Mini-Programs Level 2 Part 2

$ 34.95

If you are considering this program, you have finished ND Mini Level 2 Part 1 and are well on your way to helping your children ages 6-8 to have an organized brain to better succeed in formal academics. Little Giant Steps is offering Early Foundations NeuroDevelopmental Mini-Program Part 2 to take the brain stimulation to the next level. Changes in the program every three months insure that the brain is continually stimulated in the core areas and doesn’t “turn off” the stimulation because of familiarity.

The full Early Foundations program addresses six areas of development (tactile, auditory, visual, manual, language, and mobility) that are needed to do well in school and life.  Each mini-program includes activities that address directly or indirectly these six key developmental areas.

Brain boosting activities in each part of the mini-program will take less than an hour to accomplish each day.  Plus, the small segments of time (1-5 minutes for each activity) can be integrated throughout the day as part of your lifestyle instead of a sit-down concentrated hour of time.

Activity Category


Gross Motor Activities


  • overall brain organization 
  • organization of thoughts 
  • correct interpretation of sense of pain
  • enhances interpretation of social signals
  • appropriate behaviors
  • develops/repairs central nervous system
  • proprioception (awareness of body in space)
  • Improves bonding and attachment
  • vestibular (balance) system
  • the function of the endocrine system, autonomic nervous system (responsible for allergies and asthma) and immune system
  • eye-hand coordination
  • concentration, memory, and learning
  • lymph system
  • muscle tone
  • endurance 

Auditory Processing


  • auditory short-term memory 
  • attention span
  • ability to follow directions
  • proficiency of using phonics
  • maturity level
  • reading comprehension
  • conceptualization abilities which help with math word problems

Visual Processing


  • visual short term memory
  • visualization skills which help with spelling and math
  • visual discrimination

Tactile Activities



  • sense of pain perception
  • brain body connection
  • pencil grasp

Fine Motor


  • strength in index finger and thumb
  • pencil grip
  • handwriting and fine motor development

Listening  Activities


  • vocabulary
  • auditory short term memory
  • language center of the brain


While the Early Foundations Mini-Program is not an individualized NeuroDevelopmental (ND) program, which comes from a Jump Start Program or an in-person/video evaluation, it is a great starter program to get those little brains working at peak ability!  This innovative series of three different three month programs is considered “Year Two” of the process that prepares the brain to transition into more formal academic curriculum smoothly and easily. By stimulating the brain in the six key areas of development and solidifies those strategic brain pathways that make teaching for you and learning for the student easier for a lifetime.

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