Developmental Foundations Deluxe + Rapid Recall -All 4 Operations Bundle

$ 460.50 $ 490.62


Watch this four-minute video to find out more about Developmental Foundations and how it can help you and your family.

Save over $30.00 when ordering Developmental Foundations Deluxe + all four Rapid Recall Operations or  Development Foundations Deluxe + all four Rapid Recall Operations + Rapid Recall Visual Input CD as a Bundle!

Developmental Foundations Deluxe includes activities that have proven to yield one or more years of academic progress in just 4 months! This exciting program uses brain stimulating activities for better function in:

  • Brain Organization 
  • Auditory Short Term Memory 
  • Visual Short Term Memory 
  • Fine Motor 
  • Gross Motor 
  • Word Recognition 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Math Computation 
  • Math Facts Mastery 
  • And much more!

Implementing Developmental Foundations in your home or school is a gift that will last a lifetime. Your kit contains: instructions, Neurodevelopmental tools, curriculum, and online training videos to prepare you and help guide you in the journey to better function.


  • Online Training & Progress Tracking 
  • Instrutional DVD 
  • Neurodevelopmental DVD 
  • Skip Counting CD 
  • All four Rapid Recall System Operations
  • Sequencing In A Flash Computer Program (not pictured)
  • 2 Digit Span decks 
  • Reading Level Test Book 
  • Auditory Test Kit 
  • Visual Test Kit 
  • And other program activity tools…

Add the Rapid Recall Visual Input CD for daily visual input sessions and review sessions for $25.00 more.

Computer Requirements for Sequencing in a Flash Computer Program:

  • Windows: Windows 98/Me, NT 4.0/2000 or XP; Pentium 233 MHz processor; 64 MB RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom; 16-bit windows compatible sound card.
  • Mac: Mac OS 9.2 or later; PowerPc G3 233 MHz processor; 64 MB free RAM; 20 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-Rom Drive
    • The Sequencing in a Flash CD within this program is not compatible with Mac Lion or newer. 

**The personal information requested above is required to ensure activation of your program.

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