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This dynamic method gives the input to the brain needed to have permanent rapid recall.  Students have to write the answer to math facts in their every day computations.  That is why it is so important to do this vital step of manual input (Discovery Game) as well as the needed practice for speed and accuracy. 

Also available: "Addition Double Student Activity Book" $22.77 (This activity book allows the student to do each week of input, twice before moving on to the next section.)The Neurodevelopmental Approach:

Nothing in all creation can compare to the amazing capacity for adaptability of the human brain. Research into neural plasticity of the brain (the brains ability to change and adapt) has proven that every student can learn and function more efficiently when the brain is given proper stimulation with the appropriate frequency, intensity, and duration.


"My daughter had a very difficult time 'getting' her math facts. We tried a lot of different approaches but nothing worked. Still searching, we tried the Rapid Recall System. Somehow, she began to know her facts before we studied them! I am so impressed and thankful for Rapid Recall. I recommend it to everyone with elementary students!" - S. Phillips, Houston, Texas 

"After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use—and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!" - Tanda Trussell West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas 

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