Learning Made Easy through Little Giant Steps February 13 2014, 0 Comments


Welcome to our new, improved store and store blog. We know change can be difficult, but we knew we must give our clients and customers the best. So we took the steps to upgrade and make sure everyone had the best and most secure ability to shop online. You deserve to  discover how it is possible to change a child, teen or an adult's learning experience from one of struggle to one of knowing and having their full God-given potential available to grow and explore their world, their gifts, and know the love of learning. So, whether you are a client, past client, newbie, or just checking Little Giant Steps out, create a new account and open a new doorway to success in learning, academic achievement, and confidence-building knowledge!


Little Giant Steps (LGS) is a Christian-based, a neuro-educational / developmental consulting group who welcomes all to the world of possibilities for those who struggle with learning. It doesn't matter how old you are, whether you are gifted, typical, or challenged; Little Giant Steps has helped individuals overcome their unique learning difficulties through brain training. We know, after twenty years of serving our clients that it is a matter of development when it comes to fixing learning issues. We provide screenings, consultations, evaluations, seminars to help educate every parent on how they can help their child become successful in mastery of math, reading and writing. Whether you are a child, teen or adult, it's never too late to utilize the programs that can be individualized, or broad-based in-home programs that Little Giant Steps has designed, created and produced after years of scientific-proven effectiveness. Through specific brain-stimulating techniques new connections (neuro-pathways), improved lower level brain organization, and processing both visually and auditory are brought up to appropriate grade-level function. We operate with only natural means of working with the source of the root cause in the brain by changing (improving) function. We use the God-given neuro-plasticity feature, which allows our brain to change in positive ways, to create better communication between the brain and body, and unlocks the key to everyone's highest learning potential.


As one client explained, "After a few weeks of doing my program activities (cognitive and physical), I experienced in my abilities as if I'd gone from a dial-up internet connection to a high-speed line. I could think better, I wasn't confused, because I could remember, or know and understand the material or information that I was reading, hearing or seeing - I was "getting it"!  I'm not frustrated all the time like I used to be, or making mistakes all the time - that's not me any more. I can try and succeed. My confidence in what I now know I can do is at an all-time high. I've never felt so "free" to do things I thought I'd never do.  Even my sports skills have improved! Thank you, Little Giant Steps - I now know I can set goals and achieve them, and for the first time I believe I can achieve my dreams."

Individuals who have been on the programs, or used our curriculum, educational supplements, processing tools, or many of the neuro-educational tools and aids, have one thing in common. They gain better functional abilities, because even our math and reading programs are constructed to build new connections in the brain by using all the senses. So they are multi-sensory rich and applied with key elements of frequency, intensity, and of short duration. We work in ways that result in life-long mastery of key educational skills, thinking, and enhanced efficiency within the brain and body. So, take advantage of our freebies such as Auditory and Visual Test Kits, Take the Survey (look for the sign with the question mark) on our homepage. Of course we always encourage you to read the articles. They are rich in knowledge, information about our modality, and don't miss out on all the videos, and auditory tracks to cover those issues in which you are most interest.